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Currently providing expert advice to more than 200 companies, we'll consistently meet your regulatory, investment, budgetary and employee engagement needs with services including auto-enrolment, company pensions, healthcare and group risk.

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With a business that's built on lifetime relationships, our individual wealth management service is designed to give you long term confidence, reassurance and financial security. Our service results in a lifetime financial plan including protection, retirement planning and investment solutions.

Working with Aspira allowed me to retire 6 years earlier than I’d imagined I would and my adviser continues to ensure my finances give me the security to enjoy my retirement.
Peter Jones

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Should Pensions be rebranded to encourage young people to save more for their retirement?

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Although auto-enrolment has helped put pensions on the radar of younger generations, it will come as no surprise to anyone that it’s still far from a priority. Faced with a limited disposable income…

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Some interesting stats from September 2017:
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Putting money aside for your grandchildren

We’re frequently asked about saving for grandchildren. The answer can be simple, if you’ve straightforward objectives and only a little to put aside, or rather complex if you wish to control the use…

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There’s been a great deal of change in the world of pensions and retirement in recent years - think automatic enrolment and pension freedoms (whereby anyone over 55 can take as much from their…