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Currently providing expert advice to more than 200 companies, we'll consistently meet your regulatory, investment, budgetary and employee engagement needs with services including auto-enrolment, company pensions, healthcare and group risk.

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With a business that's built on lifetime relationships, our individual wealth management service is designed to give you long term confidence, reassurance and financial security. Our service results in a lifetime financial plan including protection, retirement planning and investment solutions.

Working with Aspira allowed me to retire 6 years earlier than I’d imagined I would and my adviser continues to ensure my finances give me the security to enjoy my retirement.
Peter Jones

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Shareholder Protection

The unexpected death or critical illness diagnosis of a business owner is, of course, very upsetting for his or her family as well as those within the business. One of the financial implications may…
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NHS waiting times & the role of Private Healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our health services. Multiple lockdowns and the pressure of treating severely ill patients saw the NHS cancel or postpone non-urgent treatment for…

How Much Do Your Employees Need In Retirement?

One of the most important elements of employee financial wellbeing is retirement preparation, with many people expecting their employer to support their readiness for this stage of life. So how much…

National Savings Premium Bonds - Investment or Gamble?

Premium Bonds are not an investment but are a form of gambling . They were introduced in 1956 for the Government to raise funds for public spending, so Premium Bond holders are lending their money to…