Our Team

Aspira’s Board of Directors set the overall strategic direction for the business.

Derek Miles - Managing Director

Derek Miles

Managing Director
I’d worked for many years as a financial adviser before deciding it was time to take the plunge and…
Andy Chidgey - Operations Director

Andy Chidgey

Operations Director
Before joining the Aspira team I was actually a Management Consultant but my mate Derek knew this…
Charles Keirl - Finance and Marketing Director

Charles Keirl

Finance & Marketing Director
Back in 1999, during a stint of thirteen years as Finance Director of Silverwood Group I first…
Jamie Cullen - Director

Jamie Cullen

Before making the move to Aspira I worked for Standard Life as a regional manager for the South…
John Haines - Director

John Haines

Before founding Aspira along with Derek Miles and three other directors back in 2003, I was working…
Rob Clarke - Director

Rob Clarke

Before I came to Aspira, I was advising at Jeremy Dunnett &Co. It was crossing paths with Derek…