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GDPR was launched just a few days ago (25th May) and it makes existing Data Protection rules more stringent. Data subjects (you in this instance) whose personal data is collected, stored or processed now have more rights and data processors (like Aspira) have more responsibilities.  Here at Aspira we have introduced a new digital process which helps meet our GDPR responsibilities and improves our service to you in the following ways:

Quicker service
From the 1st May our Financial Advisers have no longer been carrying multiple blue folders in their suitcase as the whole process has gone digital. In your meetings, advisers will be completing forms directly on their laptop which means forms are saved continuously to the Cloud and our back office team get the completed forms within moments of them being finished. No more waiting for the adviser to come in and drop off the forms before our para-planners and administrators can get to work!

Secure communications
We treat the security of the data you share with us with the utmost importance.  Our preferred communication method is through the Personal Finance Portal which provides you with a secure messaging service. This allows you to quickly get in touch with us and have the peace of mind of knowing that any information you share is encrypted and completely private.

Secure documents
No more paper means all your documents are saved on our server or online where they are protected and fully backed up – much safer than a cabinet!         

Information captured before meeting   
Capturing a lot of the hard facts before the meeting, via the Personal Finance Portal or an electronic data capture form will mean that meetings are focused on planning, not fact gathering.  

And finally…
If you’ve got any further questions about this new process or registering for the Personal Finance Portal please contact your adviser or give the office a call on 01454 632 495.     

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