Rishi Cancels His Budget But Should You Review Yours

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Many young people will be leaving home this Autumn, some returning to university and others venturing out for the first time. Others may have graduated and will be hunting for their first job or an apprenticeship in what is likely to be a tough job market. 

Older family members may be coming to terms with the impact of months on furlough pay and the need to replenish savings, while others may be bracing themselves for redundancy or unplanned retirement.
One of the most important tasks for all who find themselves in a changed financial position is to understand how much money they need to spend on essential day to day outgoings and the additional spending they can afford to have fun. To help our clients and their families LEBC have developed an app, Hummingbird.

What is Hummingbird? 
LEBC Hummingbird provides a secure way to view your entire financial world in one place, giving you a complete view of your finances, in real-time, wherever you are. Here's a summary of the app's key features and benefits:

•    Use it to track the value of your pension, savings, and loans.
•    Analyse your day to day spending, look for trends.
•    Better understand where you can make changes to enhance your financial wellbeing.
•    Bank-level security so your data is fully protected.

Watch this video to find out a lot more about what Hummingbird can do for you.

Free Trial of Hummingbird 
LEBC would like to offer you a free trial of Hummingbird which you can download from our website here or by searching for LEBC Hummingbird in your app store. The cost of this app after the free trial has expired is 0.99p a month for Android and Desktop users or £1.49 per month for Apple (IOS) users. You may be entitled to a complimentary subscription of the app, please get in touch with your adviser or e-mail hummingbirdteam@lebc-group.com to find out if you qualify.

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