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By the end of 2017 every employer in the UK will have to have a qualifying workplace pension scheme (QWPS), into which they’ll automatically enrol all their eligible people, and make contributions on their behalf. You’ll need to assess your workforce, because the employer duties vary for different categories of worker. You’ll also require a default fund, as well as a communications strategy designed for your people - employers have an obligation to tell their staff about the implications of auto-enrolment (AE) and how it will affect them. So if you don't have a pension set up, you'll need to put one in place. And if you do - are you sure it'll fit the bill? For more information view our Resources section. 

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As experts in workplace pension provision, we’ve guided companies like Welcome Break, Wienerberger and Caring Homes through their auto-enrolment staging process. That’s over 11,000 employees – and we could do the same for you.

Auto-enrolment is not regulated by the FCA