We’ll support and guide you through the steps to auto-enrolment implementation.


Once the scheme (or schemes) you’ll be using for auto-enrolment are in place, you’ll need to assess your workforce. Depending on the category into which the person falls, you’ll have different duties to discharge and strict timescales in which to do so.

The Pensions Regulator also has specific communication requirements for all groups of staff, not just those who’ll be automatically enrolled. There are communication requirements set out both at staging date and ongoing. If you fail to comply you could face daily fines.

We’ll support and guide you through the steps to implementation:

  • Production of an auto-enrolment report
  • Setting up a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme (QWPS)
  • Guidance on employee data required for assessment, and to pass to the pension provider
  • Dealing with payroll
  • How to automatically enrol qualifying staff
  • How to process people opting in to the pension scheme and those opting out (especially important for key employees who may have existing pension arrangements with lifetime allowance protection in place)
  • Completion of your declaration of compliance
  • Help with initial and ongoing communications to your workforce

View our Resources page for more information on auto-enrolment


Auto-enrolment is not regulated by the FCA