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The coast

I am delighted to announce that five years on from LEBC and Aspira joining forces we have agreed with the FCA that we can amalgamate the two businesses into one single business going forwards.

It has been agreed that the LEBC Group Limited business will transfer to, and become part of, Aspira with immediate effect with LEBC Group Limited being wound up in an orderly fashion in due course.

For existing Aspira customers there are no changes to anything for you and our service and commitment remains as it always has.

For LEBC customers (now becoming Aspira customers) all of the LEBC Group staff have transferred to Aspira and they will continue to look after you as they have done in the past and your service and commitment from us remains unchanged. Other than the name nothing changes for you with all contact information remaining the same although email addresses of LEBC staff will transfer to Aspira email addresses which we will update you on in due course (LEBC emails will be redirected to Aspira in the meantime).

This is a really exciting time for the enlarged Aspira business and we look forward to continuing to support you with your financial goals and journey in the coming months and years.

Derek Miles

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