Will Writing Service

Everyone should have a Will

Have you? And if you do, is it current and up to date?

Wills are essential to ensure that your wealth is passed on in accordance with your wishes when you die.

We're here to support you through all stages of your financial journey and our Will Writing Service powered by Gosschalks solicitors provides you with the power to create your own Will easily using technology to start the process at your convenience, with specialist legal professionals ensuring your Will is suitable and meets your needs. 

Why it's important to write a Will

By leaving a Will you are taking control of what happens to your money, possesions and property (your estate) when you're gone. Without one the law decides how your estate is passed on. Preparing one makes it easier for your family or friends to sort everything out, and you may be able to redue the amount of inheritance tax payable on the assets you leave behind. It also allows you to instruct people on other wishes you might have such as your preferences for your funeral.

We've teamed up with trusted legal partners Gosschalks to bring you an effective online Will writing service which is simple to complete and puts you in charge.

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Will writing and estate planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.