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Employee Wellbeing

We know employee health and wellbeing is important. 

We'll work with you to support your position as a caring employer who provides a financial lifeline to its people when they need it most. 

We take care to understand needs and objectives and to ensure that we deliver a package which not only meets contractual, moral and legal obligations but also meets budget requirements and is valued by your employees.

Wellbeing benefits could include life assurance, income protection, critical illness cover, business travel insurance, or employee assistance programmes, which can provide additional services to your employes such as debt counselling, mental wellbeing, bereavement support, or redundancy counselling.

Whether you’ve already got schemes in place or you’re starting out in providing employee wellbeing benefits, we can help you with:

  • Cost effectiveness – competitive pricing and scheme terms.

  • Benefit levels – different cover for different categories of staff.

  • Provider comparison – detailed examination of provider policy terms, cover, customer service levels etc.

For more information on employee wellbeing please click on our guides below, view the Aspira Inform section, or contact us.

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