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Workplace Advice

Workplace pensions are now mandated through automatic enrolment and have become a basic expectation when it comes to employee benefits packages.

However, many employees may not fully understand the complexities of pension plans, including contribution options, investment choices, and retirement age implications. In fact, studies by the International Longevity Centre show that 90% of employees had higher satisfaction with their workplace pension scheme when the benefit of individual advice is offered. In addition, these employees are on average over £47,000 better off within the first 10 years of taking advice.*

Here’s how our Workplace Advice team can help:

Presentation and individual advice

After attending group presentations, employees will have the opportunity to book in for an individual 75-minute meeting with a fully qualified Financial Planner. The Planner will help the employee think about and establish their retirement goals. This includes advice on the level of contributions and the investments utilised within the pension.

Assessment of other pensions

The Financial Planner will be able to talk through all your employees’ existing pension arrangements, including any previous pensions they may hold. This may lead on to assessments being done on whether consolidation would be beneficial for the individual, and if so, a further meeting will be held to discuss the outcome of these reports.

Ongoing Advice

As employees progress through their career, their plans may change along the way and our advisers can help employees stay on track to meet their retirement goals. Employees will receive an annual review of their plan which provides them with the opportunity to assess their personal circumstances, investment profile, investment performance and contribution levels.

For more information on how workplace advice can benefit your business watch our video below:


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*Source:International Longevity Centre,, November 2019